Conch Stew/Karko Stobá
Conch Stew/Karko Stobá
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Submitted by : Komedor Krioyo
Submit Date : December 29, 2016, 10:42 pm


    Conch stew is a very popular stew on the islands of Curacao, Aruba, and Bonaire.


    • 4 pieces of conch
    • 1 onion
    • 1 green pepper
    • 3 limes
    • 2 cooking spoon of butter
    • 1 shrimp or lobster bouillion cube. 


    1. Remove the pink part of the conch meat and clean it with lime
    2. With a beef hammer, beat the conch flat and even.
    3. Cut the conch then in little pieces and but them in a bowl.
    4. Dice up the onion and green pepper and fry them in a deep pan with the butter.
    5. Add the bouillion and let it cook for about a minute or two until completly cooked
    6. Add the conch and cook it for about a minute or two. Be carefull not to overcook it or undercook it.
    7. Conch stew is better to served immediately after cooking. Can serve with rice or tutu..